5th May 10


For the past seven years, Chaise was the lead singer for the indie phenom “SPAREchange”.  The band had quite a successful run, both domestically and internationally. Their first music video for the debut single, Rollercoaster” was broadcast on Nickelodeon, which received overwhelming reception. Due to this momentum and success, their songs were in rotation through Movie Tunes in no time, which reached over 3,000+ movie theaters across the country. The “Rollercoaster” single was also featured in the film “The Last Adam.” Shortly following the momentum of “Rollercoaster,” they released an acoustic single called “Destiny,” which topped the national pop chart at Broadjam. Without any time to soak in the success of their first two single releases, they released their first commercially released single called, “Gimme” to the market that truly solidified their position in the competitive music industry we are all so familiar with. “Gimme” was a true hit, it charted on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles Sales and gained over 300 spins on Top 40/Hot AC radio stations across the country.  Some of the top markets included; WHHY – Montgomery, AL, KXIX Bend, OR, KJCK – Junction City, KA, WJMX – Florence, SC, KISR – Ft. Smith, AR, KQID – Alexandria, LA, KFMI – Eureka, CA, WIQQ – Greenville, MS, WVIQ – Christiansted, USVI, KKRL – Sioux City, IA, KIVA – Santa Rosa, NM, KGLI – Sioux City,  IA, WMNG – St. Croix, USVI, WKXD – Monterey, TN, and WIFX – Whitesburg, KY, and KATW – Lewiston, ID.

Most recently, SPAREchange was featured in the chart topping music video “Wasted” with Warner Brothers recording artist Gucci Mane, and Chaise also appeared in the music video “Let’s Do It” with Warner Brothers recording artist Wakka Flocka Flame. Additionally, Warner Brothers released the single “Georgia Peach” which showcased SPAREchange and Gucci Mane.

With the amazing success and response to the SPAREchange projects, the opportunity presented itself for Chaise to launch a solo career. Grammy winning producer Dallas Austin joined the movement and is now executive producing what he promises to be his next big project.  True to form, Dallas has created a whole new “Atlanta” sound that has no comparison.

In addition to Chaise’s solo career, there are other dimensions to her that have allowed her to perfect her craft as a true entertainer. She has spent most of her life in front of the camera, which is obvious on every set.  She has modeled since she was two years old and continues to have success in that arena as well.  Most recently, Chaise appeared in Ryan’s Steakhouse, Nike Japan and Chattanooga College commercials, as well as an American Red Cross Sickle Cell Industrial campaign. She has also appeared in Lance Peanut Butter Crackers, Buick, McDonald’s Industrial and Traveler’s Insurance campaigns.

Chaise is a true, multi-media artist.  Her success as a musician, actress and model will lend incredible support to her future as a global entertainment sensation.



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